I, Pastor Ben, invite and challenge you to a Bible Reading Experiment this autumn. Here’s what it is:

  • I have several different methods of reading Scripture.
  • You pick your path.
  • I periodically ask you how you’re doing with it, what you’re reading and seeing in Scripture, and how you see it affecting your life.
  • The challenge will begin October 1.
  • I have several Bibles for you to try out and I’m excited to see how you resonate with them and the different reading styles.

Here’s how to start:

  • Follow the link below and sign up for a path listed there.
  • I’ll get your Bible choice to you!
  • You’ll let me know what “intensity level” you want to take on (e.g. one book of the Bible, the Gospels, the New Testament, to every single word). You pick, and we’ll savor the conversation over the weeks ahead.

Our conversation about Scripture reading will begin October 1. Conversations will include emails asking you personally what you’ve experienced, how you’ve done with your practice, etc. I’ll also keep sharing practices and pathways that have been helpful to me in various times and seasons. I look forward to what comes of this!

A brother in Jesus,

Pastor Ben


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