by Jo Ann Emerson, Preschool Director

Let me take you back to the days of Algebra. All algebraic expressions contain combinations of numbers (4), variables (e) and operations (+). Powers (e3 ) are often part of expressions too. Algebraic equations include an equal sign (=) and say that the left expression equals the right expression. As mathematicians, our goal is to solve the algebraic equation.

Many of you are now asking, “Where is she going with this?” and “Are they teaching algebra in preschool these days?” First, let’s solve this equation:

4Y · e3 = 1 TLCP + NLSA

4 Years (Y) multiplied by the variables of effort/enthusiasm/expertise to the higher power (e3) equals Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool (TLCP) plus National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA).

Still confused? Let me break it down even more. Every four years, Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool (TLCP) chooses to go through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA). NLSA recognizes schools that comply with national standards for Lutheran schools and reflect the essential qualities that are expected of Lutheran schools. In order to earn NLSA, the school must: (1) have an enthusiasm for teaching and learning, (2) put forth extraordinary effort to prove that it meets the required standards, and (3) rely on the preschool staff’s years of experience and expertise.  After completing a self-study and evaluating our effectiveness in up to ten standards, the accreditation team visits. The visiting team reviews the data prepared and recommends the school for accreditation and/or assists the school in developing a plan for continuous improvement.

During the 2019-2020 school year, Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool will complete a self-study and rate itself in the areas of Purpose, Relationships, Leadership, Personnel, Staff/Child Interactions, Facilities, Wellness, Curriculum and Continuous Improvement. November 8-10, 2020, an accreditation team will visit, review our data, recommend a School Action Plan, and grant retention (hopefully!) of our designation as an accredited school.

Please join us in praying that:

  • the accreditation process will be beneficial to the students, family, staff, and congregation of TLCP.
  • TLCP will grow stronger in its goal of providing cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth for young children.
  • God will equip the visiting team with wisdom, understanding, and a heart to serve
  • TLCP will be blessed by the efforts of all involved and continue to be a shining light in the community.

And, yes, we do teach algebra in preschool!

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