There are still so many things we do not know during this unprecedented time. Things are changing so quickly and we are all doing our best to keep up! One thing we do know: We want to celebrate your faith journey! What does this mean? At this time, we are going to postpone the Rite of Confirmation Service Scheduled for April 26. It is our intention to plan a service at a later date when larger gatherings are advisable. Plenty of advanced notice will be given so that families and friends will be able to celebrate this milestone with you. In the meantime, we are going to move forward with the faith essay component of our Confirmation Process.

Have your student look over the list of Confirmation Verses and have them select one that is special to them or captures the essence of their faith. This would be a great opportunity to do as a family as it can be a sacred moment. Please review the information that your student will need to write their faith essay. The goal of the essay is to have your student share his or her name and the verse they picked with the congregation along with why this verse is important to them and how it will help them live out their faith in Jesus. As always, reach out to me at if have any questions or concerns!

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