In Loving Memory - Columbarium

During the January congregational meeting, Pastor Mark mentioned that there was interest among some members that Trinity look at the feasibility of installing a columbarium. For those who have a question as to what a columbarium is, it’s simply a place for cremains to be interred. Cremation is becoming more and more popular in our society, for three main reasons: it’s considerably less expensive than conventional earth burials, requires considerably less space, and is environmentally friendly. Several area churches have constructed their own columbarium, using either an indoor structure, or in most cases, one constructed on the grounds of the church.

An added benefit is the utilization of the church grounds or building for the interment of their loved ones. For many members, the church is the focal point of their spiritual life, and having their loved one interred there allows them access to a beautiful, serene, and worshipful place to meditate, to remember their loved one, and to pray.

The committee is in the early stages of gathering information concerning a columbarium. Other churches have been visited, information gathered, and groundwork is being laid for Trinity. High level overviews have been presented to members, and will continue to be presented. Sunday school classes, ladies’ circles, staff, and executive committee will be provided information and will be kept abreast as more information is gained.

So far, interest has been very favorable. As progress is made toward providing more definition to the project, this means of communication, as well as others, will be utilized to keep everyone informed.

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