A Community Following Jesus Four-fold Emphasis

As we continue to move forward as a congregation focused on being “A Community Following Jesus,” we continue to hone the “language” of discipleship that we are using. Language is important! It guides our thoughts and shapes our actions. Here is some discipleship “language” for you to reflect upon and act upon:

Regular worship.

I believe God is calling each of us at Trinity to a renewed commitment to being in God’s house for worship every week. We all know there are occasions when we can’t make it, but there are also plenty of times when we regrettably choose not to be present. We come to praise and thank our great God. We come to receive God’s gifts. We come to support and encourage others in our faith community. We come because we “get to” and not because we “have to.” Regular worship is faith’s first response.

Firsthand spirituality.

Firsthand spirituality is the opportunity for us, individually and collectively, to encounter God. Through worship, our personal devotional life, and individual and group study of God’s Word, God is at work strengthening our faith. Two examples of this approach are training in various spiritual practices or disciplines, and offering more opportunities to study God’s Word that allow us to dig in and “wrestle” with what God is saying to us.

Relational openness.

If you were struggling with your faith or with something else in your life, what would you do? Would you feel connected enough with one or more members of our “Community Following Jesus” to share your struggle with them? If not, how might you develop greater relational openness? We are hoping that part of our discipleship journey will involve building relationships and the resulting deeper level of sharing that accompanies it.

Living life together.

This is where the rubber hits the road. As we encounter God in a firsthand spirituality sort of way and as we develop greater relational openness, we increasingly become brothers and sisters in Christ traveling the “road” of life together. We increasingly live out what it means to be a follower of Jesus in our lives day by day. And what we do individually we also do together as God’s people in the communities into which God has placed us.

Language IS important! Please join me in growing up into Christ as God’s Spirit continues to do His work.

God’s Blessings!

Pastor Mark

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