Trinity has a gift for you, free for the taking!

A gift that will continue to provide benefits for years to come. What is this gift you ask? It is the gift of financial security for you and your family. The Ramsey+ program is available free to Trinity members and family. Maybe this is the gift you are looking for, for your children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, or other family members. Imagine giving a gift that will benefit the recipient for a lifetime with the added benefit that it is free.

What does Ramsey+ offer? It is the most flexible money management program available and offers many options to you and your lifestyle.

  • Not much time? Use the 45 minute crash course.
  • Want an in-depth look? Use the comprehensive eight-hour course (Financial Peace University).
  • Want to pick and choose? You can focus on one financial area.
  • Busy and on the go? There are easy to use free apps for your phone.
  • Want your kids to learn about money? There are financial teaching tools directed at children of all ages.
  • Provides a radical view of Biblical wealth and generosity
  • And much more!

Dave Ramsey’s program has changed the lives of nearly six million people! Within the first three months of this program, his students on average pay off $5,300 of debt and save $2,700 for emergencies. Marriages have been strengthened and people have been freed to live an abundant life – a life free of financial burdens and conflicts. That is why Trinity invested in these resources.

To learn more and participate in the program, please email Rex Garrelts at or call the Gretchen in the church office at 913-432-5441 or on her cell phone at 913-284-8762.

Passcode: 33453678

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