Trinity has been blessed with many active faith-filled children of God. A large part of that family is made up of people of retirement age and beyond. Older adults have been and continue to be a firm foundation on which God builds His church. We give thanks for you, and here at Trinity we attempt to offer a program to assist you in living your life as an integral member of God’s family. The following pages and articles are a reminder of the opportunities available to you here. We are always looking for new ideas and unique ways to help you in your spiritual journey. Please contact me with any suggestions or help in ways you can get more involved,, 432-5441.

To help you see what is coming up and available for you to take advantage of, the program is separated into three areas; events, legacy opportunities, and Bible class offerings.


Senior Ministry tries to provide 8-10 events per year that will be of value to people of retirement age and beyond. Some deal with spiritual growth and some are meant to help us in the secular world. Some are ways to have fun and join in Christian fellowship. Most have a combination of all three aspects. Here is what’s planned.

A Back Stage Look: “The Spiritual”

September 15, 2pm

Senior Ministry will host a pre-concert look at Spire’s “The Spiritual: America’s First Art Form” concert. Spire’s conductor and Trinity Director of Music and Arts Ben Spalding will talk about the history of the American spiritual. He will also give us a behind the scenes look at their upcoming concert.  Who knows, there might even be a surprise guest!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the concert and America’s home-grown art form, the American Spiritual.  The Friday afternoon event is free and is open to all.

The Importance of Movement

October 20

In October we are trying to join with a prominent doctor from our congregation to talk about the importance of movement. We will discuss how movement is a great benefit to us physically, spiritually, and mentally. Watch your monthly “Senior Moments” newsletter as we try to nail down a date.

All Saints Dinner Potluck

November 5, 12:30pm

On November 5 at 12:30 in the newly redesigned fellowship hall, we will once again celebrate All Saints’ Day with our annual potluck dinner. Trinity will provide the entree and the congregation is asked to bring a dish to share. At the dinner we will remember the saints who have died in the past twelve months, thank our volunteers, celebrate Luther’s posting of the 95 theses, and dedicate a new time capsule. Last year we served dinner for 170 people and are looking forward to another great day.

Christmas Caroling at Assisted Living Facilities

December 8

We will once again visit members who are living in assisted living facilities. Last year our warblers ranged in age from under 5 years old to over 95. Few who participated will forget the meaningful experience it was. Make plans to join us this year.

Special Senior Interaction Dinner

January 27

Last year the Guerry family led us in a Mystery dinner which was enjoyed by many. Since some of us are still recovering, we are planning a dinner with a different twist. The dinner is free for members over the age of 55. You won’t want to miss this special production.

Tuesday Grill ‘in

Many Tuesdays  

We will soon start something new which we hope will give those who have retired in the last few years a chance to connect with others in similar circumstances. Once or twice a month Tom will grill a piece of meat and you are invited to join us and get to know one another better. All you need bring is something for you to drink and a bag of chips or something to share. It may not be the best food you have eaten but it is a golden opportunity to heckle Tom. I hope this turns out to be fun.

Leave a Legacy

Trinity provides its members with opportunities to make a lasting record of their spiritual journey. These are great ways to assist starting a conversation with family and loved ones. They are aids to help you relate to them how important your faith is and how God has impacted your life.

As you age you gain life experiences that you may wish to share with others. The Legacy project being offered by the Senior Ministry will give seniors a vehicle to accomplish this. Legacy interviews are approximately 20 minutes in length, facilitated by an interviewer, which will provide you with a vehicle to record your life of faith and faith stories, lessons and views, to be given to family and loved ones. Faith stories will be recorded on a DVD and then given to you.

The Legacy project is designed not to give a biography of your life, but to offer insights as to what makes you unique, offering a deeper understanding of who you are and whose you are. Biographical stories will undoubtedly come into play but should be given as support to what has caused you to believe what you do and how that has materialized in your life. With some preparation, the interview can aid you in reviewing your life and evaluating where you are in your faith walk. It can also aid our church members in knowing each other better.

The Legacy diary is similar in purpose to the Legacy interviews. There are things you can do in written form that time constraints may limit in the recorded interview. There is no length restriction to the diary. It may also be possible to include a few photographs.

Bible Classes

There are many Bible classes with which our members can be involved. In addition to our regular Sunday morning line-up we have small groups, the Brown Bag Bible Study, and the 50+ Bible class.

Sunday Morning Classes

On Sunday mornings there is a wide variety of topics offered for mixed adult ages. Check out for the topics and times.

Small Groups

Trinity has numerous small groups that meet for Bible study throughout the week. They are a mixture formed by gender, by couples, by singles, by interest, or for just the “heck of it.” If you wish to join a group or start a new one contact Tom.

Brown Bag Bible Study

The Brown Bag Bible Study is a group of approximately ten individuals who meet on Wednesdays at 12:30 at the Mission campus. As the name implies, they bring a lunch and share a Bible study.


Our 50+ Bible Class has been an active presence at Trinity for decades. Most Wednesdays at 10:15 from September through May they meet for a Pastor-led study which enlightens spiritually and is presented in an atmosphere of Christian fellowship. In addition to the excellent study, they sponsor additional fellowship events. On September 13 50+ kicks off with a meet and greet (goodies included). October 11 will be the annual Oktoberfest with authentic German food. On December 13 the group will provide their Christmas dinner with a wonderful meal and entertainment. This group meets in the fellowship hall.

You are invited and encouraged to become a part of any or all of these groups. If you want help finding which is best for you, contact Tom.


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