During the weeks leading up to Christmas, the subject of time often comes up in our daily lives: “What time does the party start?” “I don’t know how I will have time to get all this baking and decorating done!” “Where does the time go? How are they growing up so fast?” “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” We invite you to enhance your Advent season with a devotional to help you contemplate and prepare for Christmas. Devotionals are available at each campus. You may choose from the selections below.

Be Born in Us Today

As we look toward the physical birth of our Savior, Jesus, we are reminded in these devotions for Advent by Chad Bird that Christ is born in us spiritually today and every day. He enters into us daily to strengthen and support us, save us and renew us. We are changed by his presence within us as we become more and more like him in the living of our lives.


Light Shines in the Darkness 

This Advent family devotional offers a Scripture verse for every day, plus prayer, conversation and activities for families. Advent is a season of light. And God’s light shines all around us in our families, our church and our world—even in times of darkness! In this booklet author Karla Manternach explores how God has shone that light from the first moment of Creation, through the birth of Jesus, and the early church, to today. It also considers our call to share God’s light with others, helping families to both see the light and be the light in the world.


Countdown to Christmas

Every child in church can create her or his own Advent Wreath centerpiece as we all count down the days until Jesus’ birthday together!

The rhyming devotions in the sticker booklet add to the excitement and anticipation by retelling the Biblical account of the prophets, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and wise men and the Bethlehem angels. Each Sunday, a flame-shaped sticker is added to one of the four Advent candles, brightening the Christmas countdown! Great for ages 4-10.

Children and parents alike will enjoy the sweet, rhyming daily devotions and the attractive Advent Wreath centerpiece to enjoy all season long.


Young Families

This Will Be a Sign 

Celebrate Advent with a daily, prayerful journey toward the joy of Christmas. This booklet is a thorough, thoughtful meditation on the Incarnation: God becomes a man—God with us. Let this fusion of God’s Word, the genius of Henri Nouwen and the faith-filled writing craft of Christopher Klofft enrich your Advent. This booklet features a page-a-day format of Scripture readings, reflections and prayers, offering a springboard for your quiet times during this holy season.


This Is My Son

During the Advent season, we prepare our hearts to focus on Jesus being born as a humble human baby. He is both son of Mary and Son of God, the ultimate son of Adam who fulfilled the Law and Prophets. Through Him, we take on our identity as children of God, heirs to heaven and made new in baptism. Explore the theme of sonhood through Jesus, biblical sons, and our identity as children of the heavenly Father. 



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