Here is a highlight of new conversations and studies beginning at Trinity this autumn. For more info, check out Trinity’s website: Write Pastor Ben for more info about any of the groups!


Exploring the Faith
Mission and Shawnee Campuses

Pastor Ben (Mission) and Pastor Phil (Shawnee) will be journeying with you through some questions about the faith. We’ll use a new catechism released by the Lutheran Church ($10 for participants) as part of our conversation and study. If you’re new to the faith and want to learn more, this is the place to be. If you’re in need of that recharge of the soul that we all need time and again, this place is also for you. Questions of all kinds are very much appreciated and welcomed.

Parenting Conversation and Study
Shawnee Campus

This group enjoys great, comfortable conversation about life as parents and life that intends to nurture the faith at home. It’s an encouraging group to be part of, a good place to know others and feel known. See the full article on the previous page.

Mission Campus

Acts is what Deacon Rik’s study group will be exploring—and this group loves to dive into the Scriptures and see what God is saying. They’re good at it! Join along and you’ll be enriched in the conversation, the noticing.

Study of Colossians
Mission Campus

If you’re a 9:45am worship participant, this group is your study group! Oh what a good conversation you’ll have here, especially as you study the book of Colossians. What a rich, fulfilling opportunity to join in! All are welcome. They meet in the Lounge at the  Mission campus.


Men’s Study Group
Shawnee Campus

Deacon Al is leading a men’s group that meets a couple times each month. They’re taking on an enriching study of Daniel this fall, and all are welcome. Daniel provides a lot of topics to work through as we think about faith meeting life in the culture today.


Women’s Study Group
Shawnee Campus

Deacon Julie von der Linden has been leading one of the most wonderful study groups at Trinity. This fall they will be studying “What Matters Most.” There’s no better topic! All are welcomed, appreciated, and loved here.


Mission Campus

The FellowShipmates Group will be studying 1 Samuel together. This whole book leads to good conversation and application of the faith. This group of young adults meets Thursday evenings a couple times a month.

Thursday Morning Men’s Study
Pegah’s Family

Deacon Rik leads a men’s group that meets a couple times each month on Thursday mornings. They’ll be studying Proverbs and seeking to apply the wisdom they see there to life today. This is a good group of guys who would love to have you along in the journey.


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