Lenten Bible Studies

This is a listing of Trinity’s Bible Studies during Lent 2017. They are listed by day of the week. If you have any questions, want to join, or feel called to lead a new group, contact Vicar Ben at Benjamin@tlcms.org.


Pastor Led Bible Study — 9:45am in the Worship Center, Shawnee Campus

We need companions in the journey of faith and this group seeks to be that for one another. Join us as we explore what we believe, why we believe it, and why it matters.


The Last Days of Jesus Bible Study — 9:45am in Pastor Phil’s Office, led by Liz Cook, Shawnee Campus

A DVD-based study that covers everything from Palm Sunday to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. The study invites us to clearly see behind the scenes of the main events of Jesus’ death through the lenses of first century Jewish and Roman culture and contemporary life.


Sunday Bible Study on Galatians — 9:45am, led by Vicar Ben in the Lounge, Mission Campus

We’re currently studying Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Our group is a group of all ages and stages and we enjoy great conversation. All are welcome! Led by Vicar Ben and others in the class.


Study of Martin Luther, Part 3 — 9:45am in the Prayer Chapel, led by Wayne Meyer, Mission Campus

This study is based on a series of “Great Courses” video lectures, followed by class discussions. This third and final set of eight video lectures will examine Luther’s views on several topics including the Bible, predestination, Protestantism, politics, modernity, etc. This class enjoys great conversation!


The Gospel of Matthew – 9:45am led by Deacon Rik in the Conference Room, Mission Campus

You’re invited into great conversation as we explore the salvation story through the Gospel of Matthew. This group, led by Deacon Rik, loves looking at the details of Scripture, discovering things God was doing then and is doing now.


11am Bible Study (2 Corinthians) – 11am led by Mark Weber in the Lounge, Mission Campus

You’re invited to join us in our study of Scripture. We enjoy friendship, conversation, and exploring what God is saying in his Word and doing in our lives. We are currently studying 2 Corinthians.



Monday Morning Women’s Bible Study on John’s Gospel — 9:30-11am led by Vicar Ben in the Lounge, Mission Campus

Our group is studying the Gospel of John. We enjoy wonderful conversation and spiritual nourishment in our time together. We are a multi-generational group of women (except for Vicar Ben!) who enjoy in-depth exploration of Scripture and cherish Christian community. Conversation is currently led by Vicar Ben Vineyard.


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place at Trinity that uses the Stephen Series system. Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay caregivers, called Stephen Ministers, to provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. These gatherings are for current Stephen Ministry caregivers. If you would like to be a Stephen Minister, please contact Susan Williamson, Vicar Ben, or the church office. We’ll get you connected!



Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study — 7:00-8:30am, First Watch on Shawnee Mission Parkway

We gather for encouragement in the faith and strong discussion in the Scriptures. Contact Fred Chael or Vicar Ben for more information.


The Meaning of the Cross Class (Online) – 8pm, Online

Vicar Ben Vineyard is doing a book study of N.T. Wright’s book titled The Day the Revolution Began. What all happened on the cross? What does it mean today? What do Lutherans believe, teach and confess about the cross? We will explore Lutheran sources on the subject and compare this with Anglican voice, N.T. Wright.



Wednesday Women’s Bible Study of 1-3 John – 9:30-11am, led by Julie von der Linden, Shawnee Campus

Join a lovely group of women as we delve into various books for Bible study and devotional time. We share wonderful conversation! Contact Julie von der Linden for more information.


Men’s Bible Study: Wednesday evenings, Shawnee Campus

This group won’t be meeting during Lent, but if you’re looking for a group of great guys to be around and study Scripture with after Lent, this is your group! Contact Al von der Linden for more info.


50+ Senior Adult Group – 10:15am, study led by Pastor Ron in the Fellowship Hall, Mission Campus

50+ is a ministry for senior adults. The group is open to any senior adult whether they are a member of Trinity or not. We offer fellowship, friendship, Bible Study, activities, prayer support and concern for others. We’re studying how to get more our of our Bible reading.


Brown Bag Bible Study: Acts of the Apostles — 12:30pm in the Conference Room, Mission Campus

“Humanity does not live by bread alone!” You’re invited to join us for lunch and Bible study at the Mission Campus Conference Room. Jim Tichenor will guide our conversation on the Acts of the Apostles. Bring a lunch! (As of February 14, this group is still deciding whether to meet during Lent. Contact Vicar Ben for an update!)


Men’s Bible Study: The Minor Prophets – led by Deacon Rik, 7am at Pegah’s Family Restaurant in Shawnee

You’re invited to our Men’s Bible Study. We enjoy studying the depths of things and have good conversation. Currently studying the Minor Prophets. Contact Deacon Rik Scarborough for more info.


FellowShipmates Young Adult Group – 7pm, every other Thursday in the Heritage Room, Mission Campus

You’re invited to our group! We enjoy hanging out and good conversation. We meet every other week at Trinity’s Mission campus for Bible study and friendship. We also strive to have at least one social/community service event per month and try to plan those as a group so all interests are met. The group welcomes all young adults ages 18-30—singles, couples, and married adults. Contact Janai Tisdale for more info.


Life Together Groups

Trinity currently has five Life Together Groups meeting. These groups aim to live out firsthand spirituality through personal application of Scripture, increasing relational openness, and living as disciples in the community in which God has placed them.

Our current groups are:

  • Life Together Group (Schempp and Theiss)
  • Life Together Group (Schram and Wenzel)
  • Life Together Group (Schulz)
  • Life Together Group (Vineyard)
  • Life Together Group (Cook)

Are you interested? Contact Vicar Ben for more information.


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