Our congregation responded to an internal survey shortly after Pastor Ben accepted his new call indicating that the most important areas of ministry are:

• Additional educational opportunities and support groups for adults, including young marrieds, parents, divorced, grief, empty nesters, etc.
• Focus on ministry to millennials and young marrieds.

In August, a Call Committee was appointed by congregation president Mike Maxwell to call a new pastor to address these ministry needs. The members of the Call Committee are Rhonda Eckelman, Wayne Meyer, Roselea Nellis, Mark Savageau, Meggan Schempp, Cheri Wright and Al von der Linden (chairperson). The Call Committee first met in August to review the call process and to plan its approach to create a new ministry description and a new church profile. Work proceeded on the ministry description and church profile in between meetings. The ministry description was substantially completed during the committee’s September meeting.

The Call Committee anticipates that it will be ready to request nominations from the congregation for this position by early November and that it will submit those nominations along with the ministry description and church profile to the District President in December. If you have any questions about the Call Committee’s activities, you may send an email to Al von der Linden at avonderlinden@gmail.com.

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