The Call Committee conducted online interviews with four pastor candidates between February 11 and March 4, and we met to discuss them on March 11. One of our candidates accepted a call from another congregation shortly after our meeting. Another candidate received a call from a congregation shortly after our interview and is currently considering it. Our committee concluded that one of the other two candidates was not a good fit for our Pastor of Discipleship position. We also decided that the remaining candidate should be interviewed by Trinity staff, and that interview occurred on March 22.

The Call Committee is currently waiting to hear from the candidate considering another call, and we will be accepting feedback from the staff on the other remaining candidate. Once this information is known, the Call Committee will meet to determine a course of action.

The members of the Call Committee are Rhonda Eckelman, Wayne Meyer, Roselea Nellis, Mark Savageau, Meggan Schempp, Cheri Wright, and Al von der Linden. Questions about the Call Committee’s activities may be directed by email to Al von der Linden at

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