Over the last few weeks, the Call Committee has read through and prayed over the information on eleven different DCE candidates. This past week, we held video interviews with our top four of those eleven candidates. This next week, we will be reviewing our notes from those interviews and praying for God to lead and guide us. Our hope is to narrow that list to two or three candidates that we will then invite for on-site interviews, happening some time in January. We ask that you continue to lift this process up in your prayers. Pray for the Call Committee, that we would be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. Pray that these candidates would continue to be open to considering new possibilities for ministry. Pray that the Lord’s will would be done for His Church, in all of its many locations. Pray that God’s grace would be made available to all. Call Committee Members: Kerry Barker, Julie Messbarger, Anna Owsley, Kristol Stenstrom, Rhonda Synovec, Pastor Phil Cook

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