Exciting things are happening!  Our call process is moving forward!

First, a look back.  Over the summer, we hosted a series of four “Listening Events” in which the congregation was invited to share their thoughts and desires around youth and family ministry and the person being called to lead that ministry, and learn from the insights and perspectives of others.  Those discussions resulted in two documents, a shorter one and a longer one, laying out our shared desires for this ministry.  The short document included these four statements:

While the Youth Family Minister (YFM) will be skilled in organizing events and activities, facilitating relationships is a greater value.

While the YFM will be a skilled teacher of God’s Word, nurturing a growing life of discipleship is a greater value.

While the YFM will enjoy spending time with youth and having fun, cultivating a life of faith and service among our youth is a greater value.

While the YFM will be a highly capable individual leader, building a ministry team involving youth, parents, and other adults is a greater value.

The longer document expands on these four statements.  It will be used by the Call Committee in their search for a candidate, as well as by the youth ministry team as they continue to build and develop our youth ministry. (We will present the longer document in the November 17 Messenger.)

The call description also changed slightly.  The “Shawnee campus worship leader” component was removed and filled separately by Brandon Draper.  The ministry title changed from “Family Life Ministry Coordinator” to “Youth Family Minister.” What has not changed: this person will be primarily responsible for working with youth on BOTH campuses.  This person will continue to work hand in hand with Rhonda, Rhonda taking the lead on Children’s Ministry and this person taking the lead on Youth Ministry as we work together to grow disciples of ALL ages. The revised ministry description is available at tlcms.org/YouthFamilyMinisterDescription or at the welcome center at each campus.

Our Call Committee has also changed slightly.  With the change in ministry description approved this summer, it was a good time to re-evaluate who needed to be on the committee, and their ability to commit to the next season.  The members of the Call Committee include:  Kerry Barker, Julie Messbarger, Kristol Stenstrom, Rhonda Synovec, and Pastor Phil.  These Call Committee members are always ready to talk with you about where we are in the process.  Many thanks also to outgoing members Mark Linville, Lisa Miles, Ryker Stevens, and Ben Spalding for their work in the first part of this process.

Now, a look forward:  We have received our call list back from the district!  Your Call Committee is now in the process of praying over the list of names and information we have received.  In two weeks, we hope to narrow the list and begin scheduling interviews.

Your part:

Pray.  Pray for the members of the Call Committee, for the candidates, for this whole process as we move forward, that God would lead us to the right person, preparing both us and them for the ministry ahead.

Get involved.  As a congregation, we have stated that youth and family ministry does not rest solely on the shoulders of one person, nor does it require that key leader to be here before any ministry to youth and their families can happen.  Consider joining the youth ministry team and helping to strengthen our ministry to youth and their families right now.  Contact Rhonda at rhonda@ tlcms.org if you’re interested in learning more.

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