Jesus--God's Greatest Gift

Sunday, December 18, 11am worship
Mission and Shawnee

The children will lead us in worship that focuses on the real gifts of Christmas—God’s gifts to us, especially the great gift of his Son as our Savior. With unique use of props, this worship service will point us to the true gifts we receive at Christmastime. Three large, gift-wrapped presents symbolizing God’s gift to us, Jesus’s gift to us, and our gifts through Jesus that we can give to others, will remind us that Jesus is truly God’s Greatest Gift to all.

Dress Rehearsals

Saturday, December 17,
9-11:30am, both campuses

Jesus-Centered Lives

What does it mean to lead Jesus-centered lives? Our everyday lives are filled with so many things–work, family, activities, and other commitments. Now we add the hustle and bustle of preparing for the upcoming Christmas season. There seem to be so many demands for our time and attention. The questions arise:  Where does Jesus dwell among all of this? What happens if we pay ridiculous attention to Jesus everyday of our lives? This Christmas season we pray Jesus is the center of our lives. We look to focus our attention in leading Jesus centered lives not only through the Christmas season but in everything we do each day. Our family-focused worship services this year invite us to pay ridiculous attention to Jesus. We offer our praise and worship to God for giving us the greatest gift we have ever received: Jesus. We offer thanks for the wonderful gifts Jesus has given to us through his death and resurrection and we go forth into this world shining the Light of Christ by sharing these precious gifts with those around us.



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