Dear Trinity Community:

During the Advent season this year we expressed the longing of God’s people of all ages: “Come and Save Us Soon!” based on the Nordic hymn, “Lost In The Night.”

“Lost in the night do the people yet languish, longing for morning the darkness to vanquish” we sang. We have heard the promises, especially through the prophecy of Isaiah. We have been called to “walk in the light of the Lord” as we were assured that God’s peace will come. God will do the seemingly impossible by raising up the “Promised One” from the “shoot of Jesse’s stem,” the Son of David who is the Son of God. “Death’s deepest shadows forever dispelling, Christ is coming soon, Christ is coming soon!” we sang in joyful hope. Mary, Joseph, and we have been assured that the sign of the virgin conceiving and bearing a child would be the message of the Holy Spirit, “He will come and save us – soon!”

Now the fullness of joy is here! The clear and unmistakable angelic announcement rings out with jubilation: The Lord has come!

Blessings this Christmas Season!

Christmas Service Schedule

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve Worship with Children, Youth, and Families

4pm | Mission Campus
4pm and 6pm | Shawnee Campus

Jesus, the Light of the World arrived on that wonderful Christmas night. The light of a special star appeared over his birth place in Bethlehem. The radiance of God’s glory surrounded the shepherds as the angel of the Lord announced his birth. Jesus came to save us from sin and darkness, and he continues to shine his light upon this world until he returns as promised. This worship will begin in darkness and the Light of Christ will continue to grow throughout the worship as we leave reflecting the Light of the World in our lives. These special worship services offer family friendly elements woven within our worship.

Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols

6pm | Mission Campus

This annual celebration on Christmas Eve is designed for people who are looking for a traditional Lessons and Carols service. Music is provided by the Trinity Choir and Festival Brass with numerous Christmas carols and hymns sung by the congregation. No sermon will be given.

Christmas Eve by Candlelight with Communion

9:30pm | Mission Campus

This traditional late evening service on Christmas Eve begins with a 30-minute prelude of choral music and congregational carols led by the Trinity Chamber Artists. A sermon, candles, and Holy Communion are included.

Christmas Day Carol Sing and Holy Communion

10am | Mission and Shawnee Campuses

We gather in the quiet of Christmas Day morning to remember, rejoice, and respond to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us join with the angels in singing “Glory to God in the Highest!”

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