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How do you like the new communications look? Even though we are Lutherans, we can change (sometimes)!

The new communications look is intended to provide you information in a format that is easier to digest and downright prettier! Pay attention, though, to a couple of things.

First, we have a new deadline. This is important in order for the Office Supervisor to maintain efficiency and timeliness without losing her mind or her cool. Please have all submissions into Gretchen by noon on the Tuesday before the communications come out. This is for eNews, Messengers, and bulletin announcements. Jenny, our previous (and talented) editor had a more flexible schedule and was able to design in the evening. Not so now. So, if the next Messenger is published on August 18, the deadline is August 16 at noon.

The second big change is in the format of the eNews. We are still sending the eNews through TrinityCloud, but beginning with the August 4 edition, we are going to put any sensitive information such as financials directly in the email itself, but the bulk of the eNews will be accessible through a link to our new website. This allows a much improved user experience, pushes traffic to the new website, and keeps sensitive information for subscribers only. The eNews will always be available for viewing under the resources tab and will be updated continually.

Most of the features of the old website are available in the new one, but we hope you find that the new site provides much more functionality and will suit the needs of the congregation more efficiently while presenting a fresh face of Trinity to the public.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the new site, just click the “Feedback” button on the top right.

New Communication Deadline!

Noon on Tuesdays for the week of publication

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