Thanks to your generous contributions to the One Fund, we have begun the work leading to installing interior drains to manage the Mission campus basement water leaks.

Bill Guerry organized a workday for Saturday, October 26. Our volunteers were Bill; Kerry Barker and his teens Demitry, Abbie, and Makenzie; Bob Barker; Stan DuBois; Chris Henson; and John Koetting.  We dismantled and removed the abandoned compressors and piping related to the old boiler system in the Senior High and Faith Factory rooms.

In January 2020, the Senior High, Middle School, and Faith Factory rooms will have a drainage system installed to manage the water that enters the basement and pump it out using sump pumps. The vendor is giving us a 42-year warranty to guarantee a dry basement. Flooring and painting will be scheduled after the drain install.

Thanks again to the volunteers who helped make this demo day run smoothly and efficiently.  We can look forward to improved spaces that our youth will be able to use to explore their UP relationship with Christ as well as their IN relationships with each other, the body of Christ.

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