Here at Trinity we are always striving to communicate with you in the best methods possible. From the weekly eNews on Thursday mornings, to the twice monthly Messenger newsletter and the constantly updated website, we strive to stay in touch.

 Good news! There has recently been an update to our Trinity Cloud software. Trinity is now able to capture information about what your preferred contact phone number is. Would you prefer us to call your mobile phone? Your home? Your work? Just let us know!

There are several ways to get your preference to the office:

  1. Follow the link below to an online form.
  2. Call Gretchen or Barb in the church office, 432-5441.
  3. Email Gretchen at
  4. Carrier pigeon: This method is possible, but not recommended. If using this method, please inform the office of the expected arrival time of your little buddy.

We will update your record and try to use your preferred phone number as much as possible.

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