Finishing the Story

A tradition held by our doctor’s wife lies at the heart of one of my childhood memories of Lent. When we drove into town for mid-week services, we always drove past the doctor’s home. Be it in February, March, or even April, if Easter had not yet come, the tree in their front yard was still aglow with Christmas lights. Most people in our small community thought it to be a bit strange, but the doctor’s wife was a very charismatic woman, and people loved her regardless. The fact that she tended to march to her own drummer simply seemed to be a given.

The thing that makes this a lasting memory for me was her reasoning behind the long-lit tree. If anyone cared, or dared, to inquire of her, she was most happy to share her thoughts. In fact, after this family had lived in the community for a few years, most people came to know the “WHY” of it all. Simply stated, the reason for the Christmas lights shining until Easter Monday was this: The Christmas Story isn’t complete until the Easter Story is told!

Submitted by Roselea Nellis

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