Dear Parents,

What’s in your Treasure Chest? What is it that you treasure the MOST?

I’m positive the first answer most people would give is their family. We love them and they certainly are a great treasure, but what if I told you this is the wrong answer. What? Wait a minute? The wrong answer? How could that be? Nothing is more treasured than family right?

I have asked this question many times, in many different ways, and family is usually the most popular answer. However, the treasure of our heart and lives should be God and the FREE gift of Eternal Life he has given us through Jesus Christ, his Son.

This brings the question: where does God place among the treasures in your life? Does He come before all things, including family, or is He just counted as one of our many treasures in life? Do we realize that all these treasures are earthly treasures and will one day come to an end?

This week our Gospel lesson is the Parable of the Hidden Treasure. Jesus is talking about the Kingdom of Heaven and what a treasure it is for those who believe.

 A man finds hidden treasure in a field and the Bible says, in his JOY, he covers it up and goes and sells ALL his possessions, everything he has, and buys the field. It always strikes me that Jesus shares the JOY the man feels in finding this particular treasure and that he is willing to give up EVERYTHING he has, ALL his possessions to buy the field where the treasure is buried. That treasure is Eternal Life given through Christ Jesus. It is not something we can buy or earn – it is a FREE gift to all who believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Someone did pay a price for this gift freely given to us. Jesus’ death and resurrection paid the price for the sins of the whole world in order that we may receive this forever life in Heaven. We cannot earn this gift or buy this gift. The treasures of this earth can actually become roadblocks to our relationship with God. They take His place in our lives instead of Him being our one true treasure. So, how do we find/discover this JOY that is only found in Him?

He has given us a treasure map – God’s Word – the Bible to lead us, guide us, and show us just how much God loves us. He treasures YOU, He loves YOU, and He wants to be with us forever in Heaven. It is because of His great love that He sent Jesus to be our Savior, the one who freely gives us the gift of Eternal Life with him.

This is most precious treasure we will ever receive – Eternal Life forever in Heaven!

YOU are a TREASURE to us at Trinity! We continue to pray for you daily and are always available to talk and support you in any way we are able. We are here to encourage, equip, and guide you as you are the “Light of Christ” for your children, family, friends, and neighbors. We provide some ideas/tips/resources to help you lead by faith with your family through the weekly email, on the private Children’s Ministry Facebook page and on Trinity’s Facebook page and website. Please feel free to contact me any time if I can serve you or your family in any way.
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