January 25, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Group: Executive Committee
Campus: TLC – Mission Campus

Members Present: Pastor Mark Schulz, Mike Maxwell, Patti Hare, Kristin Harrell, Marla Schleicher, Julie  

von der Linden, Shirley Duffy 


Devotion: Julie von der Linden gave the devotion titled Resolutions from crosswalk.com devotions and ended the devotion with prayer. 


Treasurer’s Report: Kristin Harrell 

(Based on December ‘20 financial data) 


 *Contributions for December were $287,125. This is $19,749 or approximately 7.4% above our goal of  

 $267,376. Year to date contributions are $799,043 as compared to a goal of $855,976. Year to date we are  

 $59,932 or 6.7% under budget. Two months ago we were close to 13% below budget so we have made up 

 about half of the shortfall. We did have a $20,000 anonymous gift in December. 


  *December net operational expenditures were $133,071 which is approximately 12.4% below the budget of  

 $151,845. Year to date net operational expenditures are $695,258 as compared to a budget of $773,547, 

 which is 10.1% under budget. 

 *Net cash available for General Fund at the end of December 2020 is at $175,387, but will increase to 

 $363,487 once the PPP loan is forgiven. The PPP paperwork for the loan forgiveness has been completed, 

 due to SBA application requirements the actual submittal has been delayed until January 2021. 


Monitoring Updates: Section 2 – EC Self Governance 2.1 – 

 This section was reviewed. It was noted that verbage stated “Article VII”. This will be corrected to 

 “Article VIII”. 


Steward Dialog Session: 

Some, but not all comments were as follows: 

  Pastor Mark shared that we have received notes from people thanking us for online worship and of their 


 Marla asked if there could be more live music perhaps in the form of Brandon playing the guitar at the Shawnee campus. Pastor Mark says we are moving in that direction and hope to get there around Palm Sunday. 

 Mike asked if there had been any questions regarding Ben’s resignation. There was nothing specific other than people remarking on how much he will be missed. 


Senior Pastor’s Report:  

 –The Trinity staff continues to work remotely most of the time. We have no plans to resume “normal” office 

hours for now. 

 –In-person worship has occurred now for 7 months. Attendance has increased to about 40% of average. 

 We are continuing with several safety protocols: socially-distanced seating, mask wearing, sanitizer 

stations, increased airflow, UV lighting on air handlers to kill pathogens, no congregating in foyer,  

touchless communion distribution. 


 –Online worship continues with a video of worship at each campus available each week. We are working 

to move to live streaming soon to reduce production time and costs. 

 –Sunday School, Confirmation, and Preschool classes are going well. Confirmation will be engaged with 

mentors during the Lenten season. Preschool classes are once again full for the remainder of the school 

year! Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is now underway. 

 –The Pastor of Discipleship Call Committee has reviewed information on 14 candidates and reduced the 

Call list to 7. Candidate interviews will begin in February. Call Committee members are: Al von der Linden 

(chair), Rhonda Eckelman, Mark Savageau, Meggan Schempp, Wayne Meyer, Roselea Nellis, and Cheri 

Wright. I am ex-officio and am advising the group. 

 –The audit is completed. A report will be given to the EC once we receive the report from the auditors. 

 –I am assisting Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Topeka to prepare and go through a Call process for 

a new pastor. 


Action Discussion Items: 

  1. Proposed capital campaign. 

–revisited plans for the current Shawnee campus 

–considered scaled-back options that fit within our anticipated financial commitments 

–Harmon Construction and SFS were re-engaged to help develop a new concept 

–information period in January 

–Congregational Assembly January 31 

     The following motion will be presented: 

Motion: To authorize the Executive Committee to engage The Steier Group to conduct 

a capital campaign for the purpose of funding the expansion of the existing Shawnee 

campus facility guided by the concept that has been presented. 

  1. Director of Music and the Arts. 

–Dr. Lara West: will now serve as Interim Director 

–Andrea Dalton: has been engaged as 9:45 Worship Leader at the Mission campus 

  1. Pastor Phil’s Sabbatical  

— A sabbatical of up to 3 months is allowed after 5 years of continuous service. This is 

expected to take place in the vicinity of late spring and into summer. There will be a specific 

proposal for approval by the February meeting. Pastor Van Duzer will be available as much 

as possible. 

  1. Proposal to delay the Synod Convention (and thus the Kansas District Convention). 

–Due to the pandemic it would be difficult to try to meet. There will be a Synod wide vote                                                                                                                 to delay. Recommendation was presented for approval to move the convention to 2023 allowing       the Kansas District Convention to happen in 2022. Motion was made to approve 

           the delay by Kristin. This was seconded by Marla. All were in favor. 

  1. Hispanic ministry in the KC metro 

–Dialog will continue and this will be brought to the June Congregational Assembly. 


Other Business: None 


Closing Prayer: Reverend Mark Schulz 


Respectfully submitted, 


Shirley Duffy 

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