October 26, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Mission Campus
5601 West 62nd Street, Mission
KS 66202

Group: Executive Committee
Campus: TLC – Mission Campus

Members Present: Pastor Mark Schulz, Mike Maxwell, Patti Hare, Kristin Harrell, Marla Schleicher, 

Shirley Duffy 

Absent: Julie von der Linden 


Devotion: Kristin Harrell gave the devotional based on Refuge. This was taken from the Lutheran 

Hour Ministries Devotional. She closed the devotion with prayer. 


Minutes: The September 28 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes had not been approved but were 

approved in this committee meeting. 


Treasurer’s Report: Kristin Harrell 

(Based on September ‘20 financial data) 


   *Contributions for September were $86,091. This is $44,013 or approximately 33.8% below our goal of 

    $130,105. Year to date contributions are $295,661 as compared to a goal of $348.864. 


   *September net operational expenditures were $117,029 which is approximately 22.6% below budget of 

    $151,261. Year to date net operational expenditures are $304,335 as compared to a budget of 


   *Net cash available for General Fund at the end of September 2020 is at $43,615, but will increase to 

    $231,715 once the PPP loan is forgiven. It is my understanding that banks are beginning the process 

    of processing the applications for loan forgiveness. 


A few items to note: Although we are behind through first quarter (July-Sept) we do hope to recoup or  

make some of this shortfall up through November and December. YTD we are approximately 18% under  

our goal for the year. Last year we were 10% under goal at this same time. For the quarter ending  

contributions are 18% under budget, but our expenses are also 18.6% below budget. 


Monitoring Updates: Section 4 – Executive Committee/Senior Pastor Relationships 

                                      4.5 – 

                                   Section 1 – Strategic Outcomes      1.1 – 1.3 

                                   Contribution and Giving Policy, Trinity Counting Procedures, Investment Policy 

These were reviewed and discussed. 


Steward Dialog Session: It was reported that some members had expressed their approval of the 

decision to pause and revisit the expansion at the Shawnee campus at this time. 


Senior Pastor’s Report: 


Pastor Mark presented an outline of current and pending activities including but not limited to the 


 –In person worship has occurred now since mid-June. Attendance has increased to between 40-45% 

   on average. 

 –Online worship continues with a video of worship at each campus available each week. 

 –Sunday School, Confirmation, and Preschool classes are going well. 

 –The Pastor of Discipleship Call Committee has completed the ministry description and the 

   congregational information forms. The congregation is invited to submit names for consideration  

   until November 15. At that time all of the materials that have been prepared will be forwarded to 

   Kansas District President Justin Panzer and a Call List will be generated. Call Committee members 

   are: Al von der Linden (chair), Rhonda Eckelman, Mark Savageau, Meggan Schempp, Wayne Meyer, 

   Roselea Nellis and Cheri Wright. Pastor Mark is the ex-officio and is advising the group. 


Pastor Mark also advised that we opened the Mission Community Food Pantry last Thursday and 45 cars 

came through and received groceries. We are going to try to be open most months twice a month. 




  1. Appoint Bill Vaughn as Trinity’s lay delegate to the 2021 Kansas District Convention. 

   Kristin made a motion and Patti seconded the motion. All were in agreement. 


  1. Possible capital campaign. 

   –revisiting plans for the current Shawnee campus 

             –considering scaled-back options 

             –will be engaging the same groups that brought us to this point 


          We are in the process of revisiting plans for the Shawnee campus, considering scaled back 

          options, and will engage the same groups that brought us to this point. 


Other Business: None 


Closing Prayer: Rev. Mark Schulz 


Respectfully submitted, 



Shirley Duffy 

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