July 27, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Group: Executive Committee
Campus: TLC – Mission Campus

Members Present: Pastor Mark Schulz, Mike Maxwell, Patti Hare, Kristin Harrell, Marla Schleicher, 

Julie von der Linden, Shirley Duffy 


Welcome New Members! 


   *Calendar and Devotion Schedule 

   *Overview of Governance Policy  

   *Strategic Objectives for 2020-2021  

       ** Call Process/Onboarding New Pastor 

       ** Capital Campaign 

       ** Navigating COVID-19 and Re-entry 

(Everyone introduced themselves. Pastor Mark and Mike led discussions on the above topics.) 


Devotion: Mike Maxwell gave the devotion taken from Matthew 2:1-12. Devotion closed with prayer. 


Minutes: June 22 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes were approved outside committee via email. 


Treasurer’s Report: Kristin Harrell 

(based on June’s financial data) 


   *Contributions for June were $88,676. This is $64,369 or approximately 41.2% below our goal of 

     $153,045. Year to date contributions are $1,444,115 as compared to a budget of $1,536,714 which is  

     approximately 6.1% below budget. 


    *June net operational expenditures were $156,351 which is 7.9% above budget of $144,958. YTD Net 

     operational expenditures are $829,047 as compared to a budget of $829,642. Primary drivers of this 

     are loss of preschool revenue and increased expenses for video worship services and planned expense 

     for Mission sanctuary wireless mic replacement — the budget was spread through the year as opposed 

     to being fully budgeted in May. 

    *Net cash available for General Fund at the end of June 2020 is $70,278. 


Steward Dialog Session: 

     Discussion was held regarding the possibility of having outside services of some kind. Difficulties of  

     this type of worship would be location at Shawnee campus and noise from street at Mission campus. 

     A survey would need to be conducted to determine who would commit to participate. The challenges of 

     meeting by Zoom for devotionals and study groups to keep people connected were discussed. In  

     addition, it was questioned if this is a good time for the Feasibility Study/Capital Campaign. The   

     feasibility study has been paid for and a contract signed. We need professionals to do this study. It is     

     time consuming and requires the help of professionals to get this done. 


Senior Pastor’s Report: Pastor Mark Schulz 

     *COVID-19 Updates and Reopening 

     *Feasibility Study/Capital Campaign 


Pastor Mark presented an outline of current and pending activities including but not limited to the 


 –The Trinity staff continues to work remotely most of the time. We are evaluating how often the church 

    office needs to be open. 

 –Jennifer Estes and Julie Flores are now onboarded for the split Staff Support position. 

 –In-person worship has occurred now for 6 weeks. People have been very cooperative in observing our 

   safety protocols. Attendance is between 20-25% on average. We are looking to begin offering      

   communion at in-person worship soon. 

 –Online worship continues with a video at each campus available each week. 

 –We are limiting “during the week” activities in Trinity facilities at this time as we see how rates of 

   infection trend. 

 –A Zoom meeting was held with Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool parents on Friday to outline our plan 

   for safely operating in the fall. 

 –We have about 25 members who continue making phone calls to other members on a regular basis. 

 –Confirmation Day will be Saturday, August 15. There will be two Confirmation services that day at the 

   Shawnee campus, and the Rite of Confirmation will take place at the Mission campus during the regular 

   5:30pm service. 

 –We are seeing an increase in pastoral care needs due to the significant stressors impacting our members 

   and communities. 


Action/Discussion Items 

  1. Reactions to our pandemic response 

            –The safety of our members and staff is always our priority. 

–We will continue to follow the guidance of medical experts, primarily the CDC. 

 2. Detailed Financial Analysis by Ministry Cores 

       (Pastor Mark presented a written outline.) 

 3. Planning study and possible capital campaign 

–Engagement of commercial realtor 

–Establishment of TLC JOCO LLC 2 


Planning study begins August 24 

Results last week of September 

Congregational Assembly early October 

Capital Campaign  October 2020-March 2021 


Other Business 

    Call Committee Members Update 

      *There are 4 members from Shawnee campus and 3 from Mission campus. Pastor Mark will serve as 

        ex officio of this call committee. 


Closing Prayer: Rev. Mark Schulz 




Respectfully submitted, 


Shirley Duffy