March 22, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Group: Executive Committee
Campus: TLC – Mission Campus

Members Present: Pastor Mark Schulz, Mike Maxwell, Patti Hare, Kristin Harrell, Marla Schleicher, 

Julie von der Linden, Shirley Duffy 


Devotion: Mike Maxwell gave the devotional reading “Consider the Ants”, based on Proverbs 6:6-8. 

Mike ended the devotion with prayer. 


Minutes: Shirley Duffy – The February 22 Executive Committee minutes were approved outside  

committee via email. 


Treasurer’s Report: Kristin Harrell 


 *Contributions for February were $92,817. This is $14,611 or approximately 13.66% below our goal of 

 $107,428. Year to date contributions are $993,499 as compared to a goal of $1,071,828. Year to date we 

 are $78,329 or 7.3% under budget. 


 *February net operational expenditures were $76,174 which is 28.2% below the budget of $106,153. Year 

 to date, net operational expenditures as reported are $919,896 as compared to a budget of $985,864, 

 which is 6.7% under budget. 

 *Net cash available for General Fund at the end of February 2021 is at $325,238, which includes the PPP 

 funds of $188,100. The PPP paperwork for the loan forgiveness has been completed and submitted to 

 Commerce. We expect the entire amount of the loan to be forgiven and the funds are included in the Net 

 Cash Available reported. 

Capital Campaign: 

 *A designated account is being used to track Capital Campaign funds. The balance at the end of February 

 was $47,212. The same account is being used to net expenses related to the Capital Campaign (Steier 

 Group fees). 


Steward Dialog Session: (No Monitoring Updates this month) 

 –Marla reported that the oven feedback is appreciated. There is some thought that the warming oven  

   might not be worth the cost involved. Pastor responded that there will be plenty of time to figure that out 

   on down the road. 

 –Pastor says from the perspective of being at the Mission campus there is a lot of excitement from people 

   having both vaccinations and coming back…not just for worship but reconnecting with people and still 

   social distancing but having conversation.  

 –Marla expressed excitement about music coming back. Pastor Mark clarified that the Shawnee campus 

   will begin having live music this Palm Sunday. 


Senior Pastor’s Report: Pastor Mark Schulz 

 –The Trinity staff continues to work remotely most of the time. We have no plans to resume “normal” 

   office hours for now. 

 –We are switching to live streaming of worship services this upcoming Sunday (Palm Sunday). 

 –The capital campaign is underway. Top congregational leaders have been recruited. The campaign 

   will pick up momentum after Easter. 

 –An abbreviated Confirmation Retreat was held on Saturday, February 27. 20 students attended. 

 –Confirmation will take place at 4 separate services in April to allow for socially distanced seating.  

   15 students are being confirmed this year. 

 –Preschool enrollment for the 2021-22 school year has been strong thus far. 

 –The Pastor of Discipleship Call Committee is continuing its work. It is possible that we will be extending 

   a Call in the next 4-6 weeks. Call Committee members are: Al von der Linden (chair), Rhonda  

   Eckelman, Mark Savageau, Meggan Schempp, Wayne Meyer, Roselea Nellis, and Cheri Wright. I am 

   ex-officio and am advising the group. 

 –With more widespread vaccination, senior living facilities are beginning to open up again for pastoral 

   visits. We are also seeing members returning to in-person worship. 

 –Pastor Tom Van Duzer will be the primary substitute preacher during Pastor Phil’s upcoming sabbatical. 


Action/Discussion Items: 

   1. Minister of Hispanic Outreach KCK – Contractual Agreement 

       Grant Agreement – Minister of Hispanic Outreach KCK 

          A motion to approve the employment of Daniel Jordan under contract to serve the Hispanic ministry 

          in the KC Metro was made by Kristin and seconded by Mike. Unanimously approved. 

   2. Budget Philosophy for FY2021-2022 

          We are running behind in significant contributions but this is offset by reduction expenses. That, 

          combined with PPP funds which will be forgiven will leave us in a strong cash position. 

   3. Some thoughts as we come out of the pandemic…… 

          It has been challenging because of people’s different ideas and thoughts going into and through the 

          pandemic, and it will be the same way coming out of the pandemic. What will likely happen is a  

          cautious opening up. We will at some point begin messaging and encouraging people to start  

          coming back in late summer/fall. 


  Trinity Executive Committee Recommendations to the Trinity Foundation Board for FY2021-22 

       Evangelism Projects   Grant for two interrelated projects: 

                                               Social Media advertising 

                                               Expansion of Ramsey+ availability to community (50% match) 

       Facilities    50% match for two projects; 

                             Solid-state starter for elevator at Mission campus 

                             Computer server replacement 

       Flower Garden    Covers the cost of multiple plantings by Marquee sign – Mission campus 

       Guatemala Food Assistance   Provides supplemental food assistance for several villages 

       Guatemala Mission Trip Assistance  Aid in construction of homes. 

       Preschool Tuition Assistance  Provides funds to assist families with tuition costs 

       Seniors Ministry   Grant to cover some of the costs or programming 

       Worship Life   Grant for special festival music/musicians 


  A motion was made by Patti for approval of these recommendations to the Trinity Foundation Board and 

  seconded by Julie to submit these recommendations. Unanimously approved. 


Closing Prayer: Reverend Mark Schulz 



Respectfully submitted, 


Shirley Duffy 

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