November 23, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Mission Campus
5601 West 62nd Street, Mission
KS 66202

Group: Executive Committee
Campus: TLC – Mission Campus

Members Present: Pastor Mark Schulz, Mike Maxwell, Patti Hare, Kristin Harrell, Marla Schleicher, 

Julie von der Linden, Shirley Duffy 


Devotion: Shirley Duffy gave the devotion based on Psalm 118:24 and Psalm 116:17The reading was taken from the book of devotions, Jesus Calling. 


Minutes: October 26 Executive Committee Minutes were approved outside committee via email. 


Treasurer’s Report:  

(Based on October ‘20 financial data) 


 *Contributions for October were $92,854. This is $19,852 or approximately 17.6% below our goal of 

  $112,706. Year to date contributions are $388,515 as compared to a goal of $461,570. Year to date we 

  are $73,055 or 15.8% under budget. 


  *October net operational expenditures were $150,112 which is approximately 7% below the budget of 

  $161,345. Year to date net operational expenditures are $455,826 as compared to a budget of 

  $542,804, which is 16% under budget. 

  *Net cash available for General Fund at the end of October 2020 is at ($11,703), but will increase to 

  $176,397 once the PPP loan is forgiven. The PPP paperwork for the loan forgiveness has been 

  submitted to Commerce Bank. 


  Additional Notes: 

  –Dues and subscriptions for October are significantly over budget due to the Kansas District LCMS 

    Conference being paid in October rather than in September when it was budgeted. This amount was 


 –Facility improvements for October included the following: 

    Mission – Faith Factory flooring $6,600. 

    Shawnee – UV Light install $10,345 and 

    HVAC upgrades are being done at both facilities and we are anticipating funds in December to offset 

    some of this cost. 

 –Water and Wastewater – Our budget amount was insufficient with these costs running about double from 

    last year and under budget with giving compared to last year. 

 –A comparison of the giving deficit for 2020-2021 as compared to 2019-2020 was submitted. 


Monitoring Updates: Section 1 – Strategic Outcomes 1.4 – 1.8.1 

 This section was reviewed. 


 Pastor Mark commented that many churches don’t have specific direction and there is great value in 

 trying to discern where the Lord is leading in a specific way and the church trying to meet that specific     

 goal for intentional discipleship. 



Steward Dialog: 

  Julie commented that some reactions from the ladies on Wednesday mornings is they value any  

 kind of fellowship. Some of them like Zoom and not having to wear a mask. One called the fellowship 

 a “lifeline”. 


Senior Pastor’s Report: 


Pastor Mark presented an outline of current and pending activities including but not limited to the following: 

 –In-person worship has occurred now for 5 months. Attendance has increased to between 40-45% of 

   average. We have implemented several safety protocols: socially-distanced seating, mask wearing, 

   sanitizer stations, increased airflow, UV lighting on air handlers to kill pathogens, no congregating 

   in foyer, touchless communion distribution. 

 –Online worship continues with a video of worship at each campus available each week. We are working 

  to make our online worship more “visitor friendly.” We are planning a targeted postcard campaign. 

 –The Spiritual Care Team met since last month’s meeting. We continue to work on ways to get and 

  stay “connected.” “Thinking of You” cards are being sent to several families. 

 –The Pastor of Discipleship Call Committee sent all of the materials that have been prepared to 

  Kansas District President Justin Panzer and a Call List will be generated. We are anticipating  

  receiving that Call list in early December. Call Committee members are: Al von der Linden (chair), 

  Rhonda Eckelman, Mark Savageau, Meggan Schempp, Wayne Meyer, Roselea Nellis, and Cheri 

  Wright. I am ex-officio and am advising the group. 

 –The audit is almost completed. A report will be given to the EC at that time. 


Action/Discussion Items: 


  1. 2021 Housing Allowances for Pastor Phil, Pastor Mark, Pastor Van Duzer, and Beth Stephens. 

   A motion to approve was made by Mike and seconded by Julie and Marla. This was 

   unanimously approved. 

  1. Possible capital campaign. 

   –revisiting plans for the current Shawnee campus 

   –considering scaled-back options 

   –Harmon Construction and SFS are being re-engaged to help develop a new concept 

   –will be engaging the same groups that brought us to this point 

     –information period in January 

   –Congregational Assembly January 31 

  1. EC Christmas Dinner (postponed) 


Other Business: 

   Pastor Mark commented that efforts are being made in trying to figure out how to do the Christmas 

   decorations at the church. This gives a sense of hopefulness. 


Closing Prayer:  Reverend Mark Schulz 




Respectfully submitted, 


Shirley Duffy 

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