The ladies in the library/bookstore and I (Tom Perry) put our heads together to find a way to accomplish two projects. The library ladies noted that there has been little or no activity in checking out books for quite a long time and that perhaps a better use can be found for that space. The internet and electronic media has replaced a lot of the attraction of the library. The bookstore will undergo no change and will continue as it does now. The question is what to do with that space. We have decided to change the book stacks in that area into a “gathering place,” especially for our seniors. This will give them a small area on the main level at the Mission campus to relax and enjoy the company of others. We anticipate that this will be of very little or no cost. We will use existing furnishings the church already possesses. The staff has already gone through the books and retrieved ones that Trinity can use. The rest are free for the taking! Come look and take the books you want. Please do this by Sunday June 16. We then have a way of disposing of them.

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