Trinity Senior Ministry has two requests to go out to our congregation.  We have over 35 members who either don’t have transportation or are home bound for health reasons.  These members have been active for many years and find it disheartening when they cannot be active in the church they love.  We are hoping that members can help out.  There are two specific ways we could use you. Please consider helping in this important ministry.

Thanks and Blessings to you, 
Tom Perry  


Be a driver. 

If you have the time and ability to drive some members to church or 50+ Bible class, and activities at the Shawnee Campus, please call the church office or click the link below to email me.  We will try to match drivers with passengers.  This need not be a weekly job. If you can help occasionally that is great as well.  This is not intended to be a service which takes people to doctors, shopping, etc…  This is meant to keep those without transportation active in church life.


Be a visitor. 

One of the easiest and most effective way of spreading God’s love is by occasionally visiting some of our homebound members.  It helps to add interest to their days and can result in lasting friendships for those doing the visiting.   We have nearly 40 members who would love to have company from time to time.  The staff regularly visits with our members, but additional friends would be a blessing.  If you feel like you would like to give this a try, contact the church office or Tom.  We will show you who is on the home bound list and help set up your visits.

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