July 15-22

Our 2018 team is ready to return to Guatemala. This year we’re building a home for Patricia Joj and we look forward to seeing how to help. This year’s team is the largest one yet with ten participants. We are: Jane Musgrove, Wayne Meyer, Doug Lewallen, Joel Shifflett, John Peimann, John Hoestje, Wendy Cass, Taylor Cass, Marcus Meoli, and Benjamin Vineyard. We’ll be gone July 15-22. We’ve learned that a few more items would be helpful.

Would you help us gather what you can?

We’ll have our blue Guatemala boxes at each campus. What we need:

  • More sweaters, the button-up kind with minimal pattern (that’s what the women like best).
  • More women’s shoes, especially very small women’s sizes (7 and under, especially the much lower). The women don’t really wear athletic types, but flats and such are loved!
  • Over the counter medicines, especially ibuprofen.

Thanks in advance for your generosity! We look forward to sharing your compassionate care with those we meet. We look forward to returning full of stories of what we noticed of God.


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