Day 1

Arriving in Guatemala - July 3, 2016

The team made it to Guatemala City very early in the morning on July 3 after a long day of travel. Weather delays in Kansas City meant missing their connecting flight in Houston. They hoped to fly standby, finally catching a flight late last night. They traveled from Guatemala City to Panajachel to get to work!

Day 3

Working in the Food Bank - July 5, 2016

Hello from Panajachel, Guatemala!

The Trinity mission team in Guatemala (Jane Musgrove, our marvelous translator; Wayne Meyer; Doug and Dalton Lewallen; John Peimann; and myself, Ben) is doing well. We’re working hard but also retaining a good pace for noticing the beauty of the people here. Everyone smiles! The children practice their basic English with you as you walk by. “Good morning!” They say with wide smiles. When you say, “Good morning,” in return they smile and laugh with such pure happiness. The families we have helped as Trinity Lutheran Church express much gratitude to you and to God. They feel noticed and cared for. Many are widows or alone with no income. Our care as the people of Trinity is making a big difference down here. Here are some pictures of our team.

Guatemala Mission Team on a mountain

One is all of us except John Peimann. We’re at the top of the mountain descending into Panajachel. Those are ancient, dormant volcanoes behind us beyond Lake Atitlan.

Next is part of the group supported with the food program.

Guatemala Food Bank
Guatemala Mission Team and Helper

Another photo is of Wayne, John, and myself with “ayudante” / missionary Joe Betsill (he prefers the Spanish word for helper). We stand next to the food program that runs through Trinity.

The final picture is of Juana and me. She speaks only a little Spanish but much Cakchiqel, an ancient Mayan dialect. She kissed us all the cheek before we helped her gather her food. A one month supply, 50 lbs., which many of the women wrapped in cloths and tossed on top of their heads. They walked away balancing their food without holding it with their hands. I believe Juana is a widow with no options, no income, nothing. She’s very grateful and has the most radiant smile.

Ben Vineyard and Juana

We are blessed to represent our Trinity community down here and live as an aroma of Jesus with those we meet.

More stories to come!

Vicar Ben

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