This week for our Fellowship Column, we asked Trinity’s seniors how they celebrated Easter. Here are some of their responses. Be sure to scroll through all of them with the arrows.

From Jean and Leo Schlesselman

Our arms are open wide with a “VIRTUAL” HUG TO EACH OF YOU! Your devotion to bringing us all the Lenten messages via YouTube ending with the Easter message WAS A TREMENDOUS EFFORT, we are sure. Your presentations, and the music were outstanding. We thought the Good Friday service was very special! And you just keep on going with so many other things. We truly appreciate your efforts and great talent!  HOWEVER, IT WILL BE BEST WHEN WE AGAIN CAN BE TOGETHER.  We thank you so very much for serving ALL OF US at a most difficult time.

From Al and Julie von der Linden

We appreciated the opportunity to watch Trinity’s pastors deliver hopeful messages over the Easter weekend. We also gathered with our three children, their spouses and our six grandchildren on one video call on Easter Sunday. One family from Gardner, one family from Phoenix, and one family from Indonesia. They all shared that they celebrated by watching church by video, coloring and hiding eggs, and eating a big meal together. Then our son in Indonesia mentioned in passing that they hadn’t had running water in their home for the past four days. Something that would be a major crisis for us he was describing as an inconvenience that they experience occasionally. It was a good reminder of all of the people in the world who have so little. And yet, with Jesus in our life, we have all we need.

From Dan and Susie Schram

Does our granddaughter, Hazel’s, face look a little different? We are looking at her and her mother, Sara, through a closed dirty storm door! 

We are still in quarantine until Wednesday because we came back from Florida, a Covid-19 “hot spot, April 1!”  We will count our blessings. We are all well! 

From Annette Kramer

We received information from family members who are away and incorporated their suggestions into our week. We put our Palm branches in the window, we sing the Doxology every evening at 6pm with the Saint Peter’s choir.

We did church on Thursday and Friday. On Easter we dressed up for church because we felt that it was important to change what we had been doing. Even though we couldn’t be with other members, we felt close to all during the service as if we were as actually in church. I have my hour of Bible study each day, which is how I start my day.

From Les and Helen Schmidt

The Hallelujah Chorus from Les and Helen Schmidt

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