Each week we will share with you a few ideas in different categories. We also welcome your ideas and feedback. Email Rhonda Synovec – rhonda@tlcms.org and we will pass those ideas along in future newsletters.


Family Led

  1. Prayer Time Together – Spend time in prayer together each day. This could be at a meal, during devotion time, or before bed. Pray for the sick, for health care workers, for church leaders and teachers, for their school teachers and administrators, for the elderly, for the lonely, for those who lead our states and nation, and any others you feel led to pray for. The Quarantine Prayer Checklist below was shared by Jo Ann Emerson, Trinity Preschool Director. Assign lines to your family members, then gather together to pray ending with a reading of Psalm 121.

    QUARANTINE PRAYER CHECKLIST – Use This List to Pray Every Day

    Praise God for His mighty power and perfect love.
    Thank God for promising to always be with us.
    Ask God to heal those who are sick.
    Ask God to comfort those who are afraid.
    Ask God to protect those in the medical field.
    Ask God to give leaders wisdom.
    Ask God to forgive your sins and heal our nation.
    Ask God to use the church to share His love.
    Ask God to bring revival through this time.

    Read Psalms 121 out loud to close out your prayer time.

  2. Family Fort Night and Bible Talk
    Build a blanket & pillow fort big enough for the whole family
    Grab some snacks and get cozy
    READ: Daniel Chapter 6 – Daniel and the Lions Den
    ASK: How do you think Daniel felt when the King made the rule that he couldn’t pray? Did Daniel stop praying? Why didn’t Daniel stop praying? How can you trust God even when it’s scary? How can you obey God even when it isn’t easy?
    PRAY: Pray for each family member to obey God, put Him first and trust Him like Daniel did. Pray specifically for the things that each family member mentioned as they answered the questions.
  3. Share God Sightings – Share with one another where they God in their daily lives. It could be as simple as noticing something God created in nature or the kindness someone extended to them. You can do this as you eat dinner together, or as you process your day at bedtime.


  1. NEW FACEBOOK GROUP FOR TRINITY FAMILIES IS NOW ACTIVE – We developed a private Facebook group for our Trinity Children’s Ministry families. It is here we will be able to share pictures and stories with one another, connect and encourage one another, and pass along ideas. Here is the link to go directly to the page:


Mission Projects

  1. MLM Sack Lunch Packing Party in Partnership with Trinity Lutheran
    As many of you may be aware during the COVID pandemic the requests to provide meals for those in need as increased. MLM asked if Trinity would be willing to help them provide sack lunches and we agreed.  We will be receiving a pallet of tuna packets in a few days. A pallet provides 996 tuna packets and the scheduled delivery is for Monday April 27 at this point.  There are several ways you and your family can be a part of this servant event 
    • Prepack bags with the items listed below – EXCEPT TUNA – a pallet of tuna packets will arrive at Trinity around April 27. 
    • Buy items on the list – EXCEPT TUNA – in bulk from Sam’s/Costco/etc. and bring the items to Trinity Mission Campus and leave in designated area between the main doors.
    • Donate Money – give an online donation on Trinity’s Give page.
    • Donate Time – we will have a socially distanced, outdoor packing party at the Mission campus. Details and times will be sent soon.

2. Invite children to write encouragement letters – Many older adults in assisted living and skilled care facilities, those who live alone, and those who are shut-ins feel isolated and lonely. Draw or color pictures and write encouraging notes. Send those directly to someone on our list, to a local senior facility, or deliver to a neighbor. You may request a list from Trinity. Contact Rhonda and one will be sent to you. Send notes to your teachers or Sunday School leaders. They would LOVE to hear from you.

Good Book

This little book is for kids age 6 and up and provides answers to common faith questions and inspirational Bible verses for children to become even better friends with Jesus. There are copies available and more can be ordered. There is a small cost of $5.00.

If you would like a book, email rhonda@tlcms.org.

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