Each week we will share with you a few ideas in different categories. We also welcome your ideas and feedback. Email Rhonda Synovec – rhonda@tlcms.org and we will pass those ideas along in future newsletters.


Family Led

  1. Share God Sightings – Share with one another where they God in their daily lives. It could be as simple as noticing something God created in nature or the kindness someone extended to them. You can do this as you eat dinner together, or as you process your day at bedtime.
  2. At Home Bingo – See how many activities your family can do before Easter. Post or share of pic of the ones you complete. Use the graphic below to mark them off.
  3. Go On a Scavenger Hunt – Spend time together inside or outside with Scavenger hunts. Create your own or use these. You can then spend time sharing with each other what you found and taking about why you picked that item. End the hunt with a prayer – thank God for all of the things we provides for us, for his amazing creation, etc.
  4. Chalk Your Walk or Window Art – Challenge your neighbors and friends to do chalk art on your driveway or do Window Art challenges. Pick a day and time for the event, and then drive with your families to see what others have done. Take Pictures of your artwork and the artwork of others to share. The paint is made by mixing kids Crayola washable paint with a bit of water and a drop of dawn soap. There are also paints made just for painting windows as well.


  1. NEW FACEBOOK GROUP FOR TRINITY FAMILIES – We are developing a CLOSED Facebook group for our Trinity Children’s Ministry families. It is here we will be able to share pictures and stories with one another, connect and encourage one another, and pass along ideas. Look for the invitation to arrive in your email this week. It will also be on the Trinity FB page.
  2. GO FISH KIDS PODCAST – https://www.gofishkidsmusic.com/

Mission Projects

  1. Invite children to write encouragement letters – Many older adults in assisted living and skilled care facilities, those who live alone, and those who are shut-ins feel isolated and lonely. Draw or color pictures and write encouraging notes. Send those directly to someone on our list, to a local senior facility, or deliver to a neighbor. You may request a list from Trinity. Contact Rhonda and one will be sent to you. Send notes to your teachers or Sunday School leaders. They would LOVE to hear from you.
  2. Picking up trash – Credit for this idea goes to Rebeka Cook from one of her FB posts. Pick up trash as you walk around your neighborhood, parks or on your trails. Please sure to have gloves Such a great way to serve and care for your surroundings and places you and others enjoy.

Good Book

This little book is for kids age 6 and up and provides answers to common faith questions and inspirational Bible verses for children to become even better friends with Jesus. There are copies available and more can be ordered. There is a small cost of $5.00.

If you would like a book, email rhonda@tlcms.org

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