Dear Parents,

We often share with you our belief that YOU are the greatest influence in the faith life of your child. This belief is especially true in difficult times like we are now experiencing with the COVID-19 virus. It can seem overwhelming and daunting at times, but we are here to encourage, equip, and guide you as you are the “Light of Christ” for your children, family, friends, and neighbors.

Children are always watching and learning from our examples and actions. Now is the time to share with them through faith talks, praying together, and just living out your faith every day. God is walking with you and You’ve Got This! We are also here for you, to pray for you, to answer questions, or to offer any support that you need during these times.

Each week we will be sending out ideas/tips/resources to help you lead by faith with your family. We may not get to physically meet together as the church, but always remember we ARE the church! Please let this be a time that you give God worship and praise. We don’t know how, or understand why, this is happening, but we can trust that through it all God will be glorified


Worship with Children’s Talk

Worship will still be available and will be happening virtually. We will include a Children’s Message each week in this worship as well. Participate as a family in worship at home just as you would in our physical church building on a Sunday morning. I guarantee this worship is shorter and may even keep your kiddo’s attention (at least for a few moments anyway).

Sunday School Corner

We will provide a Sunday School lesson that you may lead with your child(ren). Doing this on a Sunday morning at 9:45 will help keep routines for your child. Of course, the lessons can be done anytime or anywhere it is best for your family. We will be using “Dig In” digital curriculum from Group Publishing. We currently use this curriculum at our Shawnee campus. We are also looking at virtual platforms to share the lessons with your family. We ask for you patience as we work to discover the best way to provide this service for you.

Worship Music

LifeTree Kids – This music platform is on YouTube. Go onto YouTube and type in Lifetree kids. It’s a free channel to subscribe to and features VBS song videos plus fun, faith-based videos

Hymns – Play hymns on instruments/sing together……Need a hymnal? Let us know.

Pandora – Christian Contemporary Radio, by artist, Hymns


Each week we will share with you a few ideas in different categories. We also welcome your ideas and feedback. Email Rhonda Synovec – and we will pass those ideas along in future newsletters


  1. Go for a prayer walk at home, in the local park, or a local hiking trail – Have kids pray aloud giving God thanks while naming all the beautiful things from His creation that they see. Explore together and take time to marvel at God’s handiwork.
  2. Act out Bible stories as skits as a family – pick a Bible story, read it together, assign roles, then send everyone off to gather props and costumes. Come back together to act out the story.
  3. Kid-Led Worship – Let kids plan and lead a “church service” for their parents.


  1. Bible App for Kids – Kids can explore big stories of the bible through interactive adventures. Easy and kid-friendly and offers special challenges that let kids earn rewards.
  2. Gospel Adventures – kids can experience a mission trip online along with discussion lessons and Bible verses.
  3. Buddy Quest App – Featuring VBS Bible Buddies, this app has a parent dashboard that helps parents connect with their kids in a super-easy and meaningful way. The app features games as well as helps kids learn and practice virtues in their everyday lives.


  1. Invite children to write encouragement letters – Many older adults in assisted living and skilled care facilities, those who live alone, and those who are shut-ins feel isolated and lonely. Draw or color pictures and write encouraging notes. Send those directly to someone on our list, to a local senior facility, or deliver to a neighbor. You may request a list from Trinity. Contact Rhonda and one will be sent to you.
  2. Encourage kids to video call their grandparents or elderly friends from church – even just a regular phone call will bring joy to others.



This little book is for kids age 6 and up and provides answers to common faith questions and inspirational Bible verses for children to become even better friends with Jesus. There are 16 copies available and more can be ordered. There is a small cost of $5.00.

If you would like a book, email

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