For the past several years we as a congregation have been focused on intentional disciple formation for all ages. A team from Trinity recently completed training in Omaha regarding Discipling to Missional Communities. The two-year training program focused on becoming discipling leaders who then in turn disciple others (who in turn disciple others). 

This training has impacted Trinity already in the three-fold discipleship emphasis of UP, IN, and OUT as reflected in the formation of our desired outcomes as a congregation: 1) Continued growth in Christ for every disciple (UP); 2) Strengthening relationships based on love and authenticity (IN); and 3) Reaching out with Christ where we live, work, and play (OUT).  

Over these next years we will continue to develop and evaluate our ministry efforts based on progress toward these desired outcomes. May God bless us as we intentionally seek to grow as disciples of Jesus! 

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