October 27-29
Overland Park and Stilwell Campuses

Travel back in time to 1517 where royalty and Christian monks lived and breathed. Come see as we transform our church to the time period where life and faith were completely reformatted by a monk named Martin Luther. Join us as we celebrate 500 years of the good news of salvation by grace alone through faith alone. Activities include:

  • Werner’s German food truck
  • Pumpkin catapult
  • Hymn sing
  • Martin Luther story by firelight
  • Church service and prayer
  • Music groups
  • Speakers
  • Service projects
  • Brewery tours
  • School auction
  • Louisberg donut and cider
  • Alpen Spielers polka band
  • Bratwurst toss
  • Beer
  • German meal
  • Archery and jousting
  • 16th century games
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