Lenten Devotional Materials

Lenten devotionals are here!  Following our long tradition at Trinity, a variety of devotionals are available for you pick up and use throughout the Lenten season as you seek to draw closer to the Lord.  This year, four options are available:

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Steadfast Love

Henri J. M. Nouwen, one of the most beloved spiritual thinkers of the 20th century, wrote passionately about the steadfast love of God in a way that has touched the hearts of readers the world over. Excerpts from Nouwen’s inspiring insights are paired with original reflections and prayers in this booklet for each day of Lent. Come to know more and more deeply the richness of the bond with our Savior that is never-changing.


For Adults

Elemental Roots of the Sacraments

Places of the Passion 

Journey with Jesus through the Holy Land, listening to him teach, witnessing miracles and discovering how our Savior fulfills the prophesies of the Old Testament.

These devotions for Lent, written by theology professor Reed Lessing, follow the entire Gospel of Matthew with an eye toward the places of the Passion where Jesus is headed to suffer, die and rise again for our salvation. Readers will begin to see that every place Jesus goes along his path to the cross hints at his ultimate mission to take our place for our redemption so that we might have a place in heaven with him forever.

For Adults

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

The Road Back to God

This classic set of devotions by Creative Communications founder Larry Neeb (1939-2019) is designed to help us discover a deeper and richer relationship with God. The truth, of course, is that we can never find God unless he first finds us. As we draw near to Christ’s cross, God’s forgiving and renewing power animates us in our Christian walk of active love and service.

For Adults

11am Bible Study

Together We Pray

What is the Lord trying to teach us during this pandemic? What can we say during a time like this? First, the Lord disciplines those that he loves (Heb. 12:4-11). Second, He is refining us (Mal. 3:2). Third, He is testing us (1 Peter 4:12-18).

Join with Lutherans across the Kansas District as we pray through the season of Lent, seeking his will, seeking to be led, guided, and shaped by him.


The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

Journeying with Jesus

Journeying with Jesus is a Bible plan to help us walk with Jesus through the last two chapters of Matthew. We stop to focus on Jesus’ last days on this earth and what that means to us. How does that change who I am and Whose I am today? We will take time to dwell on Scripture and “bring it home” with questions that make us consider where we are on the journey of knowing Jesus.

This resource is available only online or through the YouVersion Bible app.

For High School Youth

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