I cannot believe it is already April! We celebrate Palm Sunday this Sunday and move into Holy Week with the wonderful celebration of Easter following right behind, drawing the season of Lent to a close. With that being said, this is our last week of Lenten Mentoring. Even though everything has been turned upside down right now, I am grateful we have the technology available to us to continue having these wonderful, faith-filled connections through our Mentoring sessions. 

Our final theme will focus on “Why should I follow Jesus? Can’t I just say I believe in Him?” I think this is a great theme to end with! Everything that is going on in the world around us is causing a lot of sadness, heartache, and negativity. Let’s be the light as followers of Jesus! Do something to spread a little joy to those around you!

Our last activity is a fun one! Let’s get back to the joys of childhood and make paper airplanes. 🙂  See whose can fly the farthest, best, or trickiest! Oh, and don’t forget to send me those screenshots of you and your Mentor connecting virtually.

Have fun while connecting in faith!


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