Lent is a sacred season of preparation and formation. In the ancient life of the Church, Lent was dedicated to theological study and spiritual formation exercises. Our modern devotional habits are a descendant of this. I have three invitations I’d like to share with you this Lent.  

God’s Sacramental Presence

A Sunday Morning Class at Mission, 9:45am, in the lounge. Pastors Ron Flentgen and Benjamin Vineyard will walk beside you in a study of how God makes himself available to us in the Sacraments. We will use the 2017 edition of Luther’s Small Catechism as our conversation guide. This book will send us to the Scriptures often. This class will occur on all the Sundays of Lent.  


Questions Jesus Asks

Wednesday evening study before Lenten worship services, 6:00-6:50pm, in the Lounge at the Mission campus. Pastor Benjamin Vineyard invites you to a prayerful, contemplative reception of questions Jesus asks. We will dialog over these questions, listening to what Jesus says with the intent to respond in faith. We will gather on Ash Wednesday alongside the Lenten Mentoring group in the Fellowship Hall for a mixed-group experience. Then on March 13, this group will meet in the Lounge. 

Readings in Christian Theology

This is an online study where Pastor Ben sends a few short theological readings for you to read and respond to on your own schedule. The readings are collected from the greatest thinkers and theologians throughout Christian history. How will you respond? Will you agree with what these authors said in the past? Will you also find encouragement in the life of faith through some of these spiritual companions? This opportunity will occur through Google Classroom and readings will be sent each week by Pastor Ben. Write (benjamin@ tlcms.org) to receive a Classroom invitation.

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