A blessed Maundy Thursday to you and your family. Join us as we observe our Lord’s Passion as we journey with Jesus and His disciples to the upper room on this Maundy Thursday.

Trinity is offering two options for Maundy Thursday worship:

Option 1:

Video Worship

Option 2:

Passover Seder Service

Tonight we journey to the cross to see the sacrifice of our Lord for us. Hear us, holy Jesus!

There are several ways you can arrange to follow the video service while using the bulletin:

  1. Use two devices simultaneously: a laptop and a smart TV, a smartphone and a desktop computer…you get the idea.
  2. Print the worship bulletin at your home and use it to follow along.
  3. Arrange two windows or viewing panes on your computer to see both the digital PDF and the video side by side.

If you are unable to use the PDF in any way, don’t worry, just listen and enjoy the music! You will still be able to worship.

Gather around your table at home for our Passover seder service that points to Jesus as our Savior from sin.
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