Milestone Ministry

Milestones mark significant, important events during our lifetimes. They are celebrated and shared with others. Trinity’s Children’s Ministry offers a very special Milestone Ministry focused on faith formation for children, youth, and families. These faith milestones are offered and celebrated at different ages of a child’s life.

  • Birth – Baptism
  • One Year Old – Baptism Remembrance
  • Two Year Old – Bible Presentation: Read with Me Story Bible
  • Three Year Old – Prayer Book
  • Preschool – The Lord’s Prayer
  • Kindergarten and First Grade – The Ten Commandments
  • Second and Third Grade – The Books of the Bible
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade – Apostles’ Creed
  • Fifth through Eighth Grade – Early Communion
  • Sixth through Eighth Grade – Confirmation Classes
  • Eighth Grade – Confirmation
  • Ninth Grade – Join High School Youth Ministry
  • Twelfth Grade – Graduation Recognition

These milestones are celebrated at various times throughout the year. Children’s Ministry is currently offering Sunday school classes for these specific milestones to the preschool through fifth grade children. We will celebrate these milestones in worship, Sunday, March 5, at the 11am services at both the Mission and Shawnee campuses. Come and join us as the children share what they have learned about these important parts of their faith and lead us in worship.


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