The Missions Committee was established to advise the senior pastor regarding the allocation of budgeted dollars in the category of “Support for Others” in the annual OneFund budget. This year those dollars amount to 7.1% of offering receipts. The ultimate goal is to reach a full tithe of 10%.

The Missions Committee, for the fourth consecutive year, sponsored a mini grant program to fund a limited number of Trinity members’ service/ministries projects/programs, each with a maximum amount of $2,500.

The goals of the mini grant program are:

  • to seek God’s will in the use of our common resources
  • to find and support those service/ ministries projects that already have Trinity members’ support and involvement
  • to discover new opportunities for service or ministry that would benefit from financial support in the short term, particularly those that offer volunteer possibilities for other Trinity members in the long term
  • to encourage those serving, or planning to serve, to share their stories and describe how God is calling them into service
  • to discover new opportunities for greater commitments and deeper involvement in the work God has prepared for us to do.

A total of nine grants were approved by a subcommittee of Trinity members who reviewed each of the mini grant requests. Grants were awarded to diverse ministries such as the Disciple Garden at our sister congregation, St. Luke’s in KCK; a camp for children suffering from spina bifida; and a ministry that shares the Gospel with Muslims.

Through your generous contributions Trinity is able to have a significant impact in the community. May God continue to help each of us to be faithful managers of the resources He has entrusted to us.

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