The Metro Lutheran Ministry (MLM) Christmas Store makes Christmas a little merrier for needy families in December. Since the MLM Christmas Store serves close to 1,000 disadvantaged families, the need is great! Bring your unwrapped gifts to church and place under the Christmas tree. Gifts for teenage boys and girls are always needed such as make-up kits, jewelry, wallets, team gear, and sports equipment. Suggestions for other needed gifts are in baskets by the Christmas tree. At the MLM Christmas Store, each family also receives a tin of cookies. If you are a baker, you can take a cookie tin from the box by the Christmas tree in the hall, fill it with your favorite cookies, and bring it back to church.

Thanks in advance for your generosity! Please bring your gifts and cookie tins to church by December 1.

If you have questions, please contact Susan Schram, 913-492-5334.

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