New Online Giving System!

Trinity is rolling out some exciting changes and the first one happens now!


Trinity is switching away from VANCO for our online giving and moving to Pushpay.

Pushpay is the parent company of our Trinity Cloud system. Because of this merger and transition, you will experience greater control over your giving.

What you need to do: Getting Started

Recurring Gifts

If you have a recurring payment plan set up, you will be receiving an email on Monday, July 15, to migrate your giving to the new system. Just follow the simple steps to set up your new plan. When you set up your new giving, your old giving plan in VANCO will be discontinued. Gretchen and Brian will make sure you are not doubling up on your gifts.

Give on TLCMS Website

Going forward, use our new giving platform: This link is available on our website with the “Give” menu item on the far right.

Text to Give

Text “Give” to
877-493-3175 to get started.

Cancel VANCO Giving

You may choose to discontinue your own VANCO giving plan yourself, but this is not necessary for you to do. We will do it for you. If you do want to cancel yourself, use the link below. All giving through VANCO will be discontinued as we transition to the new system.


  • Your online giving will be directly associated with your Trinity Cloud record.

  • You will have the same login for giving and your profile.

  • Coming soon: You will be able to give from a new app!

  • You will be able to give right from sign-up forms.

  • Your giving will be associated with your giving statements much more quickly.

  • The system is completely safe – your giving data is secure and confidential.

Coming Soon: Trinity App!

Coming very soon on the horizon is a NEW CUSTOM Trinity app! It will even have our logo in the app store!


  • Record your and your family’s attendance with simple clicks – no typing needed!

  • Get the eNews at your fingertips

  • Manage your online giving

  • Watch our livestreams

  • Connect with other members

  • And much more!

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