I was reminded this weekend at a Watch Party Worship gathering of this amazing family and the fun it can be to both watch and sing with them. I have included some information below. Your kids, and you, will have a blast with this family. Check them out on YouTube and their website

Keith and Kristyn Getty occupy a unique space in the world of music today as preeminent modern hymn writers. In re-inventing the traditional hymn form, they have created a catalogue of songs teaching Christian doctrine and crossing the genres of traditional, classical, folk and contemporary composition which are sung the world over.

The Gettys’ hymns are used increasingly both in contemporary and traditional circles, being included in most modern hymnbooks (with a number of these now listing “Getty” as the most-featured composers), while in the more contemporary church, more than 60 of their songs are featured on top 2,000 CCLI charts between the UK and USA.

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