Hello from Panajachel, Guatemala!

Travels went very well this year and we just finished our first bigger day of work on Elvira’s house. She was there, and several of her children. It was great to work beside them.

There was a little time to play soccer in the alleyway with a little boy, maybe three years old. He smiled as he kicked the ball, passed Doug Lewallen and yelled, “Goooooool!” We laughed! He then kicked the ball to John Hoestje a few times too, even into the wheelbarrow full of wet sand John was pushing. Soccer takes all forms!

Our work at Elvira’s was focused. We moved a lot of concrete block and sand and cut re-bar. Hanna Hurt cut out a tall “limon” tree, which was impressive. Erin and Wayne talked as they cut strips of metal bar for the rebar work. Jane continues to be a blessing in communicating to the people we meet. It will make her and us smile when people will speak to her in Spanish and then one another in a Mayan language. We always wonder what they’re saying! John Peimann continues to share the story, and his deep heart for the Guatemalan people with us in a way that’s contagious and really focuses our attention.

It was a blessing to reconnect with Joe and Cindy Betsill, the organizers of our work here. We lean into the relationships they have and intend to connect people to one another and to Jesus through their connectivity and deep heart for people.

It continues to be a blessing to serve here, to be representatives of you, Trinity, and of Jesus. It’s a privilege to reflect Jesus’ love wherever we are sent.

Grace and peace to you all,
Pastor Ben

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