Older adult ministry at Trinity involves ministering to adults of retirement age and beyond. The staff tries to meet the spiritual needs of those going through crisis situations; they try to be there with a word of scriptural encouragement, prayer, and support. It is also very important that we help our members identify how greatly God has blessed them and to challenge them to reflect the love of Christ to others. When using the gifts God has given us and sharing the Gospel message there are no age limits. Older adults have had many experiences and can draw upon these when serving as God’s children. Older adults make up over 25% of the Lutheran church. Our church cannot let these assets go unused. Fortunately, Trinity is blessed with men and women looking for ways to make a significant difference upon the lives of others. Thanks to all who give of their time, talents, and treasure in an effort share the love of Jesus.

Trinity is blessed at both campuses to have older adults who are searching for ways to live a life of significance and continue to act upon their calling as children of God.  Many of our members volunteer their time as office helpers, altar attendants, Sunday morning workers, quilters, and the list goes on.  They are also active in the community in places like Blessings Abound, Metro Lutheran Ministry, and Rushton School.  We give thanks for these tireless workers in the faith.  Trinity continues to have very active Bible study classes which also provide an opportunity to make and sustain lasting friendships.  Many of the fellowship opportunities are outgrowths of these Bible study groups.  Along with the 50+ group and the Brown Bag Bible Study there are a variety of other classes available.

In addition, the staff is very active in ministering to our homebound families on a regular basis.  Every Tuesday a mailing goes out to them which includes weekly bulletins and information, CDs of the week’s Sunday service, and a bi-monthly letter of encouragement.

We also try to provide opportunities for our members to gather together for fellowship, spiritual enrichment, and help with life issues.  Please make plans to join us.  Below is a list of opportunities which occurred in 2017.

February Speaker Series Talk Pastor Hovel/living a life of significance
March Mystery Dinner Bill Guerry family
March Speaker Series Talk Hospice/Compassionate Care Hospice
May Retirement Workshop Pastor Mark, Rex Garrelts, Les and Helen Schmidt
July Saints Alive after 55 Kansas District
August Speaker Series Talk: Intentional Personal Ministry Barb Estes, Ruth Hanusch, Pastor Mark
September Speaker Series Talk The American Spiritual/Ben Spalding
October Speaker Series Talk Dr. Eric Justin/Movement Forum
October Oktoberfest 50+
November All Saints Dinner  
December Christmas Caroling Health Care facilities
December Christmas Dinner 50+
December Shawnee Christmas Reception Shawnee Seniors

In January and February of 2018, we had two special events. In January we had a Sola Social, which was a fun dinner and program centered around the life of Martin Luther. Sixty-six people came and had a good time. In February our organist Lara West presented an entertaining talk about Trinity’s organ. It was an informative and enjoyable hour. Once again, we were blessed with good attendance.

In April at both campuses, Rex Garrelts will familiarize us with the workings of the Trinity Lutheran Foundation. The Foundation was formed to help fund many of the ministry and physical needs we have as a church body. Rex will open our eyes to some wonderful things God has accomplished through the Trinity Lutheran Foundation. For those wishing to find out how they can be a part of this, Rex will be there as a source of information. Please plan to attend.

In May Pastor Phil will be leading us in finding ways to becoming better neighbors and disciples. Do you know all your neighbors? Not many of us do. Come and find tips about getting to know those who live near you. Find ways of improving your relationship with those “next door.” This will be the final special event until the Fall. We will develop aids for helping you become a good neighbor throughout the summer months.

The summer months of June through August will be spent planning next year’s ministry, attending conferences, and trying to spread some of what Trinity has learned with the Kansas District. If you have suggestions for programming in our older adult ministry, please let Tom know. He is eager to get your input. Enhanced ministry to older adults is a growing and important mission field both here and in the Lutheran Church at large. Trinity has much to offer. Come, be a part of spreading the significance and fun of older adult ministry!


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