“As I see it, school stress for parents boils down to two main points: Deciding what to do, and then what to do with the uncomfortable feelings that could arise after that decision.”

“While no parent is feeling particularly confident about the school options available to them, it is possible to feel good about the process you use to make those decisions.”

If you are a parent with school aged children, it is safe to say that “how should we school” has become a heavily discussed topic in your household. Once you make the decision that best fits your family, you may wrestle with the feeling of making the wrong choice. You are not alone!

This article from the New York Times, while we as a church cannot fully endorse everything it says, offers some good information for parents making decisions regarding school for this coming fall, and how to cope with your feelings about that decision. Our ultimate hope and comfort should not come from the situation around us, but from the work of Jesus who is with us now and forevermore.

“When it comes to parenting, every risk feels too big. The pandemic has only intensified what parents everywhere have long known: Parenting is an exercise in surrender. Developing these coping skills will not only help you to buoy yourself during these uncertain times, they’ll also serve you well into the future.”

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