“As parents, our hearts break in the shadow of these tragic events, and our anxiety, anger, and fear unfortunately leak out onto our kids. It’s okay to be honest with your kids, but it’s important to talk to them about how your family can respond to what’s happening in our world in a positive way.”

As racism continues to be a large and heated conversation across social media and news outlets, what do your students hear you say in response? How can we as a church community confront injustice, and pivot to respond in a positive way?

The attached article addresses some questions to ask yourselves as parents before sitting down to have a meaningful conversation with your children. Your children are watching and listening to you. You are their role model in how you speak, act, and respond to the events taking place. Once you are ready, start a conversation that includes your students and ask them how your family can respond in ways that reflect Christ’s love for all people. They may surprise you with their great ideas!


“As you navigate these important conversations, focus on what matters most: LOVE. Put love into action, and rest in the hope that is found there.  Hug your kids tightly and let them know that God is with them and they don’t have to be afraid.”

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