Parents, do you feel overwhelmed, defeated, or exhausted? Trust me in saying you are not alone! When you start to feel these emotions coming on, take a break and reach out to your support system for encouragement. Turn to God in prayer. Ask for patience in the midst of change and frustration. He is our rock as we continue to navigate through this difficult situation. We are going to get through this!

But do you know what? Your children are also feeling overwhelmed, defeated, and exhausted! So, give your children (and yourself) an extra dose of grace. Remind them of God’s unending love for us all! None of us have gone through this type of situation before in our life time. We are all learning, growing, and developing a whole new set of skills to cope and thrive–and this includes your teens and tweens! We may not know what will happen tomorrow, but we do know that God will be there for us. 

One huge blessing that has come out everyone spending so much more time at home- family dinners! We are not caught up in our busy schedules and physically, everyone is there. 

Let’s use this blessing to not only be physically present, but to be mentally present as well! To find some (fun) conversation starters, including some specifically about the COVID-19 crisis, check out the link to the post on Axis found below.  I hope you and your family have a fun time learning more about each other!


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